Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shipping Scales

Shipping scales are indispensable for many weighing applications. They are a perfect solution for check weighing, spot checking, shipping, inventory control, and quality control applications. Shipping scales are great for home, office and small businesses. These are designed to weigh padded packs, small and large boxes, postcards, letters, parcels, and more. Today, lots of businesses offer shipping services to every corner of the world. It is necessary to ensure the weight of packaged products, before shipping them.

Shipping scales help you weigh huge packages exactly. Thus you can minimize overpays and underpays on postage. Underpays on postage often cause undue delay in shipment.

Shipping scales come in a variety of sizes, models, and designs. They are also available in different capacities ranging from 6 lb to 2000 lb. Both digital and manual types of shipping scales are available in the stores.

You can also find shipping scales with features such as full range tare/zero function, programmable auto off, digital auto calibration, large LCD display, and AC adaptor. Shipping scales display weight in pounds or kilograms. Some are available with holding function. This facility helps to hold the weight of an object even after removing the object off the scale.

Some suppliers offer shipping scales at discount prices. Used shipping scales are also available in the market. Internet is the best place to search for shipping scales. It is advisable to go for a shipping scale that complies with legal stipulations, since shipping can involve legal complexities. AdamLab, My Weigh, Siltec, Ohaus, Mettler-Toledo, and Tanita are among the top brands of shipping scales.

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